VPN software WireGuard now available as pre-alpha version for Windows!

WireGuard is now also available for Windows: A first, albeit still unfinished version is available for download. Our first test was very promising.

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VPN software Wireguard now available as pre-alpha version for Windows

In our test the setup of a tunnel under Windows worked without any problems. The developers of the open-source virtual private network (VPN) software “WireGuard” last Wednesday released the first test version of an official implementation of the protocol for Windows systems.

WireGuard is a modern and fast VPN software that is already available for Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and BSD-Unix systems. For Windows client systems, there has been only one implementation of Tunsafe, a provider of VPN services.

The official implementation of the WireGuard protocol for Windows is available for both clients and server systems and promises more security. The WireGuard developers have specially created a new implementation of a tunnel network driver (WinTun) for Layer 3 network data under Windows.

“Pre-Alpha”: Tests and feedback desired

The developers refer to the current WireGuard version for Windows in their announcement as “Pre-Alpha” software. So it is not ready yet and has not yet been tested for security problems. Accordingly, this early version of the software should not be used productively for sensitive data.

However, the development seems to be progressing fast. According to the announcement, the developers plan to implement the encryption functions in the WinTun network driver, among other things. WireGuard will then encrypt the data (as with WireGuard under Linux) within the operating system kernel, which will increase network throughput.

The developers at GoogleDocs maintain a “TODO” list with the currently pending work on the Windows implementation for WireGuard. In their announcement, they also call for bugs discovered during testing (and not yet included in the list) to be reported back to them.

A good first impression

  • We briefly tested the new software under Windows 10 Enterprise with a remote station under Linux.
  • The installation and also the setup of a tunnel worked without any problems. Tunnel configurations are imported via a configuration file or entered using the supplied editor. Its syntax highlighting functions ensure clarity.
  • WireGuard under Windows offers a function called “Kill Switch” that allows you to terminate and block all network connections next to the WireGuard tunnel.