The Smart DNS Edge

TorGuard has engineered Smart DNS services allowing IP masking that was simple from any apparatus and from any place on the planet. This means that you unblock and can love your preferred TV shows just as in the event that you had been located inside the United States. Unlike VPN service, Smart DNS works on a variety devices which will not support conventional VPN service and will not need any software install. All Smart DNS customers receive rates and unlimited bandwidth across all servers. Torguard is a good Alternative to SmartDNSProxy

Using the revolutionary Smart DNS technology of TorGuard, it’s not impossible to get high speed access with no need for using a VPN to limited sites and services. Unblock services and lots of many more. Beat ISP censorship and avoid site blocks in states that are prohibitive, or get your favourite youtube videos while on the job. TorGuard SmartDNS supports nearly any streaming content in just about any country globally.

This new technology was engineered to compliment the popular unattributable VPN and Proxy services of TorGuard and is optimized to give you the finest experience possible. All Smart DNS servers do not keep any use logs for internet browsing habits or web site requests and are 100% anonymous. Rest simple when viewing your preferred programming with Smart DNS understanding your private internet requests will remain – private. Smart DNS works on nearly every apparatus including Smartphones, Computers, WiFi routers, Tablet Pcs and even popular gaming systems and Xbox. VPN and SmartDNS Set Up only has a minute with no complex install is needed.