The Best VPN for Smartphones

All of us have them – the smart phones from HTC, Ms, Samsung, Nokia, LG etc and since these devices are mobile by nature wherever we proceed, they’re going. Whether you’re seeking to securely login to Wi-fi systems or unblock websites like, Hulu or some other US service that is just VPN is the approach to take.

Many smartphones such as the iPhone and Android apparatus use PPTP for the link which is the technical standard by now. I’ve been going trough a few different VPN suppliers with time as I found that what many suppliers consider “fast” connections is really merely a gag. I wound up with a connection from Hide My Ass VPN after burning my fingertips there and here. Also read the Nokia N800 VPN Connection.

First of all the rates are great, and compared to other providers the pricing strategies are not much more difficult to understand as there is certainly only one product with accessibility to all hosts contained in one. The set of hosts is growing on a monthly basis as you get access to everything and you also do not must purchase a package to merely one nation. On top of that the discount on the 12-month bundle is value that is exceptional.

Setting up VPN on a Smartphone

Since every business name of smartphone has their own manner of creating a VPN connection I will not go trough them all. Setup the VPN IPhone: On the iPhone you go to Settings “>> General “>> System and select VPN. Then you input the info from Hide My Ass and link. That’s really all there is to it, and it’s also just about the exact same procedure for Android mobiles though the process may differ from phone to phone.

To add it all-up I have been really content using the VPN from Hide My Butt, and both the cost, speed and easy use makes it an absolute must have for any owner that is smartphone. Read more .