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Live chat is becoming increasingly self-evident and has established itself as an additional form of communication alongside telephone and e-mail. Through the various social media solutions such as WhatsApp and many other chat tools, chat is now as natural and uncomplicated as telephoning.

Before we start, some of this information has been gathered from this review. With a live chat solution integrated into your business website, you not only offer a modern and up-to-date form of communication, but also a ‘personal’ and professional service. A live chat tool creates a direct connection to the visitors on your website.

Live chat has a much lower communication barrier than email or phone. It is much easier to ask a question briefly in the chat than to call or email. The visitor can ask his or her questions short and concise and usually gets an answer promptly without any empty phrases and above all completely anonymous. This is also an advantage for the company.

The answering of a chat request causes considerably less effort than the beatworen of an email. Like the questions, the answers are usually without many phrases and concentrate on the essential – on the answer. In addition, the employee is actively supported by the chat system when answering.

Chat is an established form of communication today!

Chat’ is often a first contact to your sales or service and the chance to bring in your arguments and advantages and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Chat solution yes, but for whom?

If you consider how much time and money is invested to get qualified traffic or potential new customers to the website, the question whether to install a live chat system on the company website should be answered automatically. Opportunities must be seized where they arise, and on your website this is a really good chance for different scenarios.

Chat for customer service

Service and support has always been the paradise discipline of LiveChat Tools. Chat is a fast and direct communication, which is without phrases on the answer. The customer gets an immediate answer to his question and the support is supported by the chat solution a much lower effort – with at the same time much more possibilities (file transfer, video chat, etc.). In addition, LiveChatInc can be connected to other systems (helpdesk, knowledgebase, CRM system, …) via the Connector API.

A flexible integrated solution. Better than phone and email!

Chat alone is only conditionally useful for sales aspects. Only the LiveChatInc additional functions differentiate us from simple TextChat solutions and give us the decisive advantage to reliably recognize promising leads.

The sales representative can recognize in a few moments whether a visitor offers potential or not. It is similar to a trade fair stand or a shop where the prospective customer is first assessed. On the basis its appearance, its surrounding field, of the inquired product or its enterprise or like it in the offers moves. A perfect basis for targeted and success-oriented sales – from first contact via chat to product presentation.

Marketing actions bring in the long run the visitors on the Website. Whether these are postings, SEO measures or AdWords campaigns. If the visitor comes to the website or a landing page that is not yet a sales lead and up to a conversion a bit to go. Here you can offer the LiveChat in order to experience the quality of the visitors directly (CoBrowsing, Visit-Tracking) and to keep the visitors on the site (ExitIntent) and answer possible questions in the chat.

And if the visitor leaves the website again, LiveChatInc provides you with company data and a marketable assessment of the company. Ideal for subsequent marketing or a direct sales contact.

Text, voice and video chat are included in every license!

There are many live chat solutions worldwide (in the non english speaking area there are only a handful) which are essentially limited to normal text chat. Only LiveChatInc offers a complete solution with innovative functions including video phone calls, online product presentations and much more. Oh yes, of course there is also a smart TextChat.

What one should consider with a LiveChat decision

  • LiveChatInc is perfect for service/support and for sales and lead generation
  • live chat system is optimized for productivity and easy handling
  • Prepared answers guarantee fast and error-free chat communication
  • LiveChat invitations can be sent automatically or manually to visitors
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