Holographic Think Tanks of the Future

computer-1305608_960_720Another day our think tank was talking about what kinds of mastermind groups and invention organizations might appear as time goes on, and how they might work. Imagine if there was a think tank for one, that’s to say only one person? Maybe not, perhaps it’d be called something else. However, let us go ahead and investigate some of the futurist technologies accessible, and how we might start creating something of the nature.

Okay so, perhaps in the future some brilliant folks could have downloaded their thoughts into a computer system, and by then we’ll clearly have holographic projection technologies which are so real you’lln’t be able to tell the difference.

Maybe there might be some modern day thinkers we haven’t made a name for themselves yet, but will have lived extraordinary lives of the most brilliant intellectuals of our interval. You then might ask a question, and the man-made intelligent avatars would speak with you, motive with you, and pull quotes, theories, and thoughts from each of these people of previous intervals. You might ask a question, and they might ask a question back, maybe a rhetorical question, or allow you to believe, and come to an acceptable alternative to whatever predicament was harassing you.

Perhaps you’d a new creation, innovation, or theory and you needed to ponder some thoughts on the best way to make it better, or if society would gravitate towards your images, or ultimate product as you enter the market? Yes, that would add a nice touch would not it?

You’d be sitting in a virtual reality chamber, speaking with the most brilliant human heads ever, and it is possible to problem solve, come up with alternatives, and challenge yourself to go beyond. Now then, what if we set among these in each and every school in America? And we let the greatest and brightest students to spend an hour per week inside the chamber? Perhaps we’re able to run it 24 hours a day with waiting lists? Perhaps we’re able to concoct a web-based variant, or offer it as a CDROM or DVD hooked up to an internet gaming network?

  • Yes, I ‘m most sure this may happen as time goes by, and people use this to challenge themselves to go beyond, to not sit idle, rather than to steal into mediocrity, but to take the human race where it goes and ensure the forward progression of the species.
  • Really I trust you are going to please consider all this and believe on it, and after that assemble it, because you’re able to.