A VPN Protects

A VPN protects against certain warnings that their correct IP address is concealed and so learn the only the VPN provider’s IP address. So far, we no VPN provider is aware of has revealed the owner of an IP address because of a warning from Germany. Since most VPN provider are abroad, a prosecution is virtually impossible because of a warning. With a VPN connection so you surf much more relaxed through the web, especially on sites where it is not clear at first glance whether the content is managed properly licensed on the page. Or should find nothing his own wife). Apart from that you can access abroad, which are blocked by a geolocation lock on own position yet on on video on demand services such as Netflix, HBO or BBC. Whether streaming, file sharing Bittorrent or access to file-hosting – a VPN connection enhances protection against warnings and surprises immensely! Why do I need VPN? Im normally their own privacy while surfing the Internet is virtually unprotected: The IP address identifies a unique front website operators and providers, powerful computers to collect more data, you will bear either voluntarily or can be read from their own browsing behavior: product preference, E mail addresses, interests / hobbies, personal details (date of birth, name, etc.) and much more. Thus, comprehensive personality profiles can be created, which – if the IP address is also known – can be easily linked with the real name and address: The glass Surfer!