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Read this before you log in to a hotel WLAN on vacation

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When people of our generation check into a hotel, this question is usually particularly important to them: “What is the WLAN password? After all, we don’t want to get a giant cell phone bill after a holiday or business trip and still don’t want to miss anything. There has been an article at about it too.

Guaranteed surfing without tracks

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We show you how to start Internet Explorer, Firefox & Co. automatically in private mode. Starting a browser, activating private mode, surfing away – that’s far too fiddly and is quickly forgotten. Magnus shows you how to start your browser automatically so that no treacherous traces appear on the hard disk while surfing.

LiveChatInc Live Chat Software

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Live chat is becoming increasingly self-evident and has established itself as an additional form of communication alongside telephone and e-mail. Through the various social media solutions such as WhatsApp and many other chat tools, chat is now as natural and uncomplicated as telephoning.